We are Jessi and Millie. Two lesbian vegan surfers living in our “eco shed” on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with our pack of rescue animals. Our blog documents our triumphs and struggles as we plan a wedding, grow our family and try to live as ethically and sustainably as we can. We talk frankly about sexuality, mental health, love and relationships.


You will find me floating in the ocean on my surfboard even if the waves are s**t. My dogs are my children, my cats are nice I guess. I’m vegan because millie made me do it. I want more tattoos.


I used to have a really strong London accent, now I sound a bit confused. I love being barefoot… as much as I dislike brushing my hair. Vegan due to my cheese addiction getting out of hand, and because animals are better than humans.

Australian Marriage Equality

Having been heavily involved with Australia’s YES campaign, we are finally realising our dream of getting married in Feb 2019.

Our instagram, and subsequently this blog was born from the response we received during the campaign – both positive and negative.

We realised that there is still a long way to go in order to normalise same sex relationships, and if we can’t change the world then at least we can influence the tiny bit around us.

two girls kissing at gay pride wearing yes shirts